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India is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of the next COVID-19 wave. It has overburdened India's healthcare system and we at WYHF - India wish to take some of that burden off it's shoulders. We need your help to raise funds to be used towards donating ventilators (and/or other necessary and deficient hospital supplies) to the appropriate healthcare facilities. We as doctors and medical students understand our duty in the crisis but we will go only so far without the philanthropic will of our community.

So far, we have initiated a COVID-19 helpline where our volunteers are working round the clock to answer all the questions from the community. As we saw patients first hand and the scarcity of ventilators during our duties, the next step for us would be to donate ventilators to tertiary care hospital and it's suburban/rural branches so that they can make the best use of it. We hope you join us in our intiative when we need it the most.

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